Merchant statements can reveal surprising insights about your business. At a minimum, they can reveal your true cost of payment processing, uncover valuable customer trends and show you if you're getting the best deal from your processor.

Let PayNearMe decipher your statements and give you an in-depth analysis—helping your business discover what's really happening behind your transactions.

What's In The Free Analysis

We'll look at dozens of indicators in your statements, including your payment mix, pricing structure, transaction routing, fees and more. You'll receive a report that includes: 

  • A thorough walk-through of your current statement 
  • Expert suggestions marked with green, yellow and red flags
  • Best practices tailored for your specific business type
  • A one-page recap to take back to your team

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body-img Why Get a Statement Analysis?

  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and payment trends
  • Understand the difference between network, interchange and processor fees - and what each of them means
  • Learn about special programs that could help you save on each transaction
  • Our analysis is confidential and performed by a team of experts

How to Get Started

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  2. Securely share a copy of your merchant processing bill or bank statement
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